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      Hello, Welcome toHunan Zhongke Electric Co.,Ltd.
      Hunan Zhongke Electric Co.,Ltd.

      Support Hotline

      +86 0730-8688899


      Current Location:Home > Recruitment



      Hunan Zhongke Electric Co., Ltd. Careers

      First, jobs and professions and numbers:
      Court academicianEngineer 2
      Recruitment requirements:
      1, with good political qualities and moral, law-abiding;
      2, with a solid theoretical foundation and expertise in electric power systems and power electronics, modeling, simulation, analysis and control with extensive experience;
      3, in the related field of study has been made more prominent research, directing or participating in actual research 1-2, undertaken substantive and organizational management researchers priority; has strong research and innovation capacity and organizational capacity issues;
      4, excellent written and spoken English, proficiency in English reading materials and literature;
      5, has been made or is about to acquire a doctorate (must be obtained before entering the station) and good health.
      research direction:
      Directional Power Systems and Power Electronics, the main research topics include, but are not limited to:
      1, special high-power variable frequency power system technology Research special power electronic power conversion system topology and control methods, field-oriented control and synchronization method, high power density of electromagnetic energy transmission and control method, load mathematical model;
      2, the wireless energy transmission Key Technology: Based on the existing standards for wireless charging system for industrial applications Research on a wireless energy transmission technology, in order to improve the efficiency of wireless energy transfer, distance and power density.
      3, Technology Suspension System Control: Study Type attract and repel Maglev Control System, a complete guide to achieve magnetic levitation control system.
      Other: 1, the specific research and research funding dwell in person;
      2, the rover and the supervisor of choice can make demands or specify your own.

      Electromagnetic design Engineer 1
      job requirements:
      1, mechanical, electromechanical, Bachelor degree or above;
      2, more than two electromagnets, magnetic separator, magnetic separator relevant design experience;
      3, according to site conditions effective program design and technical exchanges;
      4, have a certain ability to research and development of innovative magnetic products.

      Mechanical Design Engineer 1
      Requirements: mechanical, bachelor degree or above the age of 40, more than 2 years of mechanical design experience in the mechanical structure, mechanical and materials related to performance mastery; has many years of non-standard equipment, assembly equipment, production line design experience, there casting machine, machine design experience is preferred.

      Metallurgical Engineer 1
      Requirements: iron and steel metallurgy bachelor degree or above 40 years of age, more than 2 years of work experience in the steel metallurgical processes, familiar with metallurgical production process and related technology, familiar steelmaking, continuous casting and rolling relevant expertise; good analytical, judgment and problem-solving skills system; have strong communication skills.

      Simulation Engineer 1
      Master degree or above, electromagnetic field simulation of flow field, temperature field, construction field, such as electromagnetics, structural mechanics and other professionals, 40 years of age, at least 2 years of relevant simulation experience, electromagnetic field, flow field, temperature, structure for forces proficient products and electromagnetic continuous casting equipment design and analysis work experience is preferred.

      Motor Design Engineer 1
      Requirements: Motor Bachelor degree or above, no older than 40 years, more than 2 years of mechanical design experience in the mechanical structure, mechanical and materials related to performance mastery; has many years of non-standard equipment, assembly equipment, production line design experience. There casting machine, machine design experience is preferred.

      Electrical Technology and Structural Engineer 1
      Responsibilities: Responsible for the power circuit design and efficient thermal design, production workshop to provide electrical technology support, discover, analyze field production occurring in the electrical assembly and process problems, improve processes, responsible for product plans, material fixed electrical workmanship audit, responsible for product tooling design diagram, process planning, learning the introduction of new technologies, new processes, the original production process improvement, improve product quality and reduce costs.

      Requirements: Bachelor degree or above, electrical related professionals, more than three years of work experience, proficient in structural design, electronic circuits, electrical theory, instrumentation, thermal design and other professional knowledge and proficiency in CAD, SolidWorks software and familiar machining process, mold processing technology, has a wealth of experience to carry out the project, a strong sense of team.

      Embedded Software Engineer 1
      Job Responsibilities:
      1, the sole or incorporation embedded product development;
      2, the preparation of the development process documentation, production documentation, user documentation.
      job requirements:
      1, electronics, automation, computer, communications and other related professionals;
      2, master embedded software development tools for embedded product development has a wealth of experience;
      3, proficient in C language, familiar with CCS, KEIL and other development tools;
      4, familiar with the characteristics and the development of research methods, it is possible to face the task of selecting the most appropriate method of implementation;
      5, there is a strong curiosity and logical thinking, it is possible to have many problems faced awareness and understanding;
      6, familiar with the DSP, ARM microcontrollers and other programming is preferred;
      7, documentation, and programming practice to have good practices, good communication and team spirit, good professionalism, teamwork spirit, able to work under pressure.

      Hardware Development Engineer 1
      Requirements: Bachelor degree or above, electronic, electrical, computer, automation and other professional; more than one year related work experience; familiar with embedded systems design, skilled debugging hardware, digital and analog circuits, familiar with the use of one or more circuit graphic design tools according to the requirements of product design schematics and PCB layout; having EMI / EMC, signal integrity design experience.

      Technical Service Engineer 4
      job requirements:
      1, Bachelor degree or above, no older than 26 years of age;
      2, electrical engineering, automation or machine from (e) integration of professional;
      3, strong communication skills, organizational skills and language under pressure;
      4, can adapt to a long trip out of work;
      5, can feel at ease in Yueyang.

      Marketing Assistant 1
      Responsibilities: Assist Director of Sales for market planning marketing model;
      Assist Sales Director to focus on customer follow-up and market research;
      Assistant Sales Director, improve internal management, customer management, sales management;
      Leading sales and marketing overseas.
      Requirements: 1, no older than 35 years, the image of good communication, strong communication skills;
      2, master business English;
      3, active thinking, a sense of responsibility, have to play, and honest;
      4, has engaged in relevant industry experience in sales and management experience is preferred.

      Second, welfare and treatment
      1, after the signing of employment without a fixed term labor contract.
      2, for employees to pay social insurance and housing fund.
      3, salary negotiable. After the trial period, according to personal ability to work to determine salary levels, and enjoy academic wages, job wages, seniority wages, see the company pay provisions.

      Third, the way candidates
      1, on-site interviews;
      2, send your resume (including professional courses achievements) and recent photograph sent to the mailbox 67015644@qq.com
      3, Contact: 0730-8688850 8688806
      15,173,020,678 15,873,099,547 Miss Liu Zhu
      4. Address: Yueyang City Economic and Technological Development Zone No. 168 (train station take the 47 bus, the bus station 8 bus, connected to the next line of 5 km).

      ? Copyright:Hunan Zhongke Electric Co.,Ltd.    
      Technical Support:hnjing
      +86 0730-8688899
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